Afghan Land Consulting Organization

The Afghan Land Consulting Organization (ALCO) is a not-for-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization (NGO) established under the 2005 NGO Law. 

ALCO was spun-off from the USAID funded Afghanistan Land Titling and Economic Restructuring Activity (LTERA) and was founded by former LTERA employees in September 2009.The mission of ALCO is to “enable a secure and equitable access to land for all citizens and improve the efficiency of land markets”.

Here's how to get started

Whether you want to settle your property claims, are planning to buy or sell real estate, work for donor projects (PRTs, USAID, DoD, DoE, CERP, diplomatic missions, donor agencies and others), ALCO can help you and the communities that may be affected by land disputes:

Title Examination:

ALCO staff members have gained unrivalled expertise in searching and examining records from a wide range of sources – including courts, municipalities, ministries, cadastre and community councils. We know how to detect potential defects in titles and assist you with the management of competing claims or any restriction that may limit the ability of investors and returning Afghans to implement their projects.

Land Dispute Resolution:

Three decades of instability have exacerbated land ownership conflicts and tensions among Afghan citizens. Most land conflicts affect informally- or traditionally-held properties and therefore do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Afghan Courts of Justice. ALCO can assist you in solving such conflicts by providing legal counsel and mediation services among claimants and by implementing community-based approaches to negotiate solutions.

Land Survey and Planning

ALCO works with land developers and urban planners in conducting ALTA Standard topographic, boundary and utility surveys as well as site planning to develop residential, agricultural, industrial and recreational projects. ALCO collects a wide range of spatial data which enables land developers/engineers to develop technically, socially and economically viable designs for their projects and helps lessee and leasers to have standard property boundary maps and avoid disputes

Property Valuation

Assessing the value of real properties can be a very challenging task in Afghanistan as land markets mostly operate informally. We have developed a number of appraisal techniques that can be used to estimate the market value of urban and rural real properties in Afghanistan.